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Возможный выигрыш. This will pose quite a technical challenge for designers of the boats, and it will give the skippers an extra tactical constraint compared to a conventional race. No doubt some innovative ideas will come from meeting the challenge, especially if the reliability is proven in the arduous conditions of an ocean race.

These developments may well benefit the cruising and live-aboard fraternity, but I am not suggesting the average cruiser dump the diesel, the spin-offs are not the major goal. The message will be that change can be accommodated; technology developed so that conditions for the racing crews on these yachts will be the same as on any other.

Ставки на спорт

The analogy, of course, is that the yachts, plowing their lonely way across a wide, unfriendly ocean, are like our planet sometime in this century; also drifting through space with no fossil fuel on board.

I have been ocean cruising for more than forty years, in that span I have seen enormous changes in countries upon whose shores I briefly touch from time to time. A squalid little village between the sea and a swamp with corrugated roof shacks. Even remote Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands has seen peat fires replaced by oil-fired central heating.

The common denominator is a rising middle class with middle class aspirations and a middle class appetite for energy. The greatest changes I have seen have been in South America, Brazil, for example. Countries that were oligarchies now have a thriving middle class.

Dusty roads into the sparse interior Прогноз на матч хапоэль маккаби sprouted gas stations and huge supermarkets, miles of high-rise condos line once desolate coasts, a car in every garage. I guess these changes have made countries politically more stable, but the middle class needs far more energy than peasantry.

When I venture into the big cities it seems like every teen-age kid wants a motor scooter, probably to be replaced by a beaten-up car in a few years.

I wonder about the corollary; will political instability return if the quality of life begins a downturn? But when I see these changes in flashes, stroboscopically so to speak on occasional visits, I wonder what the future holds. Where will the energy come from?

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